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Come to our salon. We are proud to offer splendid treatments for your fingernails. You will be fully satisfied with our filing, shaping of free edges, massage of the hand, and application of polish. Relax when we soak your hands with a softening substance and apply a lotion.

Here is what we do.

Normal Manicure
A normal manicure provides you with the most basic nail care.

Our nail specialist will do the following:

  • Drench your hands in warm, soapy water or in a solution to soothe and soften dead skin cells.
  • Clean your fingernails, and then clip and file.
  • Moisturize your hand.
  • Elegantly polish your nails with a base coat and then subsequent coats.

French Manicure

It is no secret that stylists and women alike love a French manicure. The reason is this classic fingernail treatment has remarkable staying power. Walk in to our salon, and request a French style.

With a stable hand and well-defined precision, our nail technician will make over your fingernails with pink or nude base tipped with pure white. Our final work is natural, understated but daring, just the way the French want.

We believe in the adage, “If we cannot do it right, we will not do it at all.” That is why we are committed to make an elegant statement.

We do professional-quality nail work of a high order and at the same time do not forsake cleanliness or hygiene. Come to our salon, stretch out, and relax, while our staff gently massage your hands and do a fabulous manicure—just the way you dreamed.

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