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Winter is out, and sandal season is in. Celebrate with a perfectly done pedicure. Come to our salon. We are staffed by qualified and trained nail technicians.

Our services include the following:

Normal Pedicure

If you prefer a regular treatment for your feet and toenails, be assured that we will do a great job. Relax while we soak your feet, scrub them with a pumice stone or foot file, and clip and shape your nails. Our professional staff will do a gentle and soothing massage of your foot and calf.

French Pedicure

This is an ideal pedicure during warm weather months to make your feet look nice in sandals and open-toed footwear.

We have options for you.

You can choose traditional white and translucent polishes or allow us to get creative with some bright colors. By stepping into our salon, we will give your toes a whole new look with a perfect French pedicure.

Whichever pedicure you choose, you will feel relaxed. We will shave your calluses gently to avoid bacteria or fungus. The solutions and chemicals we use while soaking your feet are safe.

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance for us; that is the reason we relate with our customers. We understand that the clean look of a pedicure is what every woman wants in a setting that is hygienic and conducive to relaxation. At our salon we are proud to offer services by our nail technicians who select the right option after ascertaining the condition of our clients’ natural nails.

Lotus Pedicure

Varsha offers Lotus Pedicure, the luxury treatment that has become synonymous with beautiful looking feet. The pedicure kit, recognized globally as one of the best available for pedicure treatments soothes your skin to give a highly relaxing experience while giving your feet an amazing makeover. We have qualified professionals to provide you this refreshing experience.

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